Within every Jew is a spark of light.
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"One who emanates light
will never see the dark side of others."

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In addition to our many websites above, browse our inspirational Jewlight articles and MP3s below.

Is Judaism Dying?

The PewReasearch survey infers that American Jewry may soon be extinct. Will the decline in Jews who identify with religious affiliation and the increase in Jews of no religion change the Jewish population? Rabbi Berel Wein has an awesome response to the current situation.

Response to the Pew Research Study mp3
Rabbi Berel Wein

Date: 10-24-2013
Length: 51 minutes
Size: 17.6 MB.

Help with Relationships

World renowned inspirational speaker Rabbi Jonathan Rietti has a refreshing approach to interacting with others. Learn how to get along with anyone, even your parents, siblings, spouse, in-laws, friends and relatives. Enjoy this awesome and humorous lecture on how to improve relationships!

Improving Relationships
Rabbi Jonathan Rietti

Make an Impact

You can effect the world with the smallest of effort.  It doesn't even cost money, nor will it take up your valuable time. Yet this one easy thing can cheer-up others, make friends, and cause peace.  You can indeed:

Make an Impact!
Just simply...

Why Learn Judaism?

This is our religion. Even if one chooses not to practice it, they are still Jewish, and always will be. Such a person should not be left in the dark. We all have different views; let's get to know them and understand each other in the process.

Jewish Q & A
Frequently asked questions about Judaism.
All inquiring people are welcome!

Inspirational Jewish Articles

Mattan Torah: Wedding A Nation htm
By the Jewlight Staff
You're Never Alone htm
By the Jewlight Staff

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Happy Jewish Child

Spirituality is
inherently Jewish;
it only needs to be
discovered within you.
Our forefathers forged
a tradition that kept us
alive to this very day.
It is in us...
it is part of us...
and we shall keep it
alive forever.

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