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Shocking Comparison

The following graphic illustration explains why Jews are still in exile:

Percentage of Overall Good Deeds Towards Others







Our present exile was caused by baseless hatred towards others, which resulted in the destruction of the Second Temple. In order to end the exile, we need baseless lovingkindness towards others.

A Possible Solution

You can affect the world with the smallest of effort. It doesn't even cost money, nor will it take up your valuable time. Yet this one easy thing can cheer-up others, make friends, and cause peace. You can indeed:

Redemption is Dawning

"One who emanates light will never see the dark side of others."

- D.H., Founder, CEO Jewlight Inc. © 2014 Jewlight Inc.

Birds flying at sunset
Clouds reflecting sunset

Within every person is a spark of light;
Seek it;
Share it, and;
Our light will grow into the dawn of redemption!

- Spread the light!

- Spread the light!

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Judaism Dying?

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    Will the decline in Jews who identify with religious affiliation and the increase in Jews of no religion change the Jewish population?

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