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Primary Purpose

Jewlight Inc. is a non-profit Jewish religious educational organization that shall make and keep Jewish information available on the Internet free of charge, in perpetuity, in order to disseminate it effectively and globally within the framework of an enjoyable online experience. We offer a wide variety of other web sites. See the links at the bottom for descriptions.

Jewlight's History

We were founded on 1-29-2010, and the IRS has determined that Jewlight Inc. is a qualified public charity, under the rules of 501 (c) (3) "Non-Profit" Organizations.

Jewlight has been online since the first day of Chanukah, 25 Kislev 5771 (12-2-2010).
What better time to start Jewlight than the Chag HaOrot [the Festival of Lights]!

Use of Funding

Our Directors are strictly volunteers, therefore, 100% of the donations received are being used to develop Jewlight's ability to fulfill its purpose. We hope you enjoy the site!


Please excuse our "cyber-dust" while we B'Ezrat Hashem [with the help of G-d], construct and develop the site along with its many sub-sites. Jewlight is constantly growing. Our staff is busy preparing to bring you the latest in internet technology, however, just as the Mishkan [Tabernacle] was not built overnight, it may take time to get it going!

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