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A Non-profit Organization

Thank you for considering to make a donation to Jewlight.

We strive to make everything available free, however, there are many operating expenses.

All contributions are officially tax deductible under section 170 of the Federal IRS Code.

The donate button below will direct you to the Jewlight Inc page of PayPal © with their secure encrypted connection but it will not Redirect permanent back to Jewlight when you're finished.

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Chazak U'varuch!

(Literally: "Be Strengthened and Be Blessed")

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Donation Usage

How was Donation Money Spent?

We used donation money for the following items:

  • Web Domain purchase (ongoing expense)
  • Website development software (once only)
  • A computer to run the software (once only)
  • IRS exemption fee (one-time fee)
  • State Incorporation fees (one-time fee)
  • State renewal fee (ongoing expense)
  • Digital audio recorder for lectures (once only)
At your service
How Much Does the CEO get Paid?

Our Directors and Officers are currently volunteers, therefore, 100% of all donations received are being used to develop the Jewlight website and its sub-domain specialties.

Compare this to other "non-profit" organizations where a certain percentage of the donations wind-up in the pocket of the CEO or other directors simply because they decided to run it that way.

Jewlight Inc. strives to bring you the best web experience totally free, dedicated to the service of G-d (not the CEO's wallet).

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