Make an Impact

A Public Service Announcement

You can effect the world with the smallest of effort. It doesn't even cost money, nor will it take up your valuable time. Yet this one easy thing can cheer-up others, make friends, and cause peace. You can indeed make an impact, just simply


A True Testimonial

"I had a particularly stressful day and was walking home to try to wind down. My mind kept dwelling on all the things that went wrong, and it was making me really depressed. At the peak of my drudgery, someone that doesn't know me well was walking the other way. I didn't give them eye contact, but they pleasantly wished me a good week, with a cheery smile. My whole frame-of-mind instantly changed. The disasters of the day faded away and a feeling of calmness came over me. It is incredible what a smile can do!"
D.Y., Ohio

Smile-a-day Program

Jewlight Inc. is offering its first Nationwide campaign to improve the attitude of Jews towards each other and all mankind. Join us today by making a cognitive effort to smile at just one person each day. That's it, a simple smile. It's so easy! Print out our official Smile-a-day poster and start today!

Dedicate to a Cause

Your smile can be given in the merit of any good cause. Here are just a few ideas...

Healing a sick person, finding a good job, making a marital match, household peace, having children, peace in Israel.

So go ahead and let that Smile out! Give someone a friendly wave. Greet someone with a cordial "Hi, how 'ya doing?". You might be surprised how much of a positive impact you can make-- even on yourself.

Have a day full of smiles,
The Jewlight Staff.

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