Relationships Lecture

Humorous Jewish Advice on
Creating Inner Peace

Rabbi Jonathan Rietti

Rabbi Jonathan Rietti

Description: An eye-opening and humorous lecture on relationships in general by world renowned inspirational speaker Rabbi Jonathan Rietti. The lead-in (below) states the Rabbi's outstanding humanitarian achievements and accomplishments. The lecture itself (next column) gets to the essence of what a relationship really is, complimented by identifying the two-letter Hebrew "root" of words that relate to the subject. Rabbi Rietti's delightful demeanor and timeless message make this a must-hear!

Special thanks to Marc and Haviva Randolph who sponsored the speaker at the upsherin of their son Eitan Lev.

To hear Rabbi Rietti's incredible credentials, listen to Mr. Randolph's touching introduction below.

Introducing Rabbi Jonathan Rietti mp3
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Improve Relationships mp3
Rabbi Jonathan Rietti

Date: 5-13-2012
Length: 43 minutes
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Notes for Reference:

What will make two people happy in a relationship?

1. How similar we become.
2. How well we respond to the differences.

Is life about how much you become
like me?

What does the word "shalom" mean?
Root = "shalem".

"ABC's of getting out of responsibility":

A. Accusing.
B. Blaming.
C. Complaining.
D. Denying.
E. Excuses.

"When you change, I will love you".

What will come out of me when you squeeze me?

Why is Hebrew the perfect language?

What does the word "nisayon" mean?
Root = "nes".
1. test.
2. banner.
3. elevate.
4. escape.
5. miracle.

What is the purpose of a test?
What would impress G-d?

What does the word "chinuch" mean?
Where is the word first used?

How does Rashi translate "chinuch"?
1. train.
2. start, start again.
What is the root of "chinuch"?

What does "chein" [Ivrit: "hen"] mean?
1. charm.
2. invisible connection of mind and heart.

Why does the translation "education" not work?

What does the word "panim" mean?
1. faces.
2. inside.

How is this NOT a contradiction?

Why does the "King James Bible" translation not work?

What does the word "lev" mean?

1. mind, thought.
2. icon of emotion.
3. physical heart.
4. (metaphorically) the middle.

Why didn't Rabbi Akiva give up when he lost 24,000 students?
What counts in a relationship?
"Closing with a true story that never happened..."

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