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Picture of Rav Shmuel Fuerst 12-25-12

HaRav Shmuel Fuerst Shlita
Dayan, Agudas Yisroel of Illinois

Title: "Ask the Posek".

Halachic Questions and Answers mp3

Description: The Rav answers various questions about Jewish Laws regarding specific topics listed below.

Date: 12-25-13

Size: 11.6 MB

Length: 1 hour 8 min

Answers to the Following Questions:


• Is one required to answer tzedaka letters?
• Can one keep the gift if they are not planning to donate?
• What should one's general approach be to tzedaka letters?
• Is one obligated to give to a shliach?


• Is a pet muktza?
• Can one feed a stray animal on Shabbat?
• Can a Jew spay or neuter an animal?


• Are you obligated to pay a shadchan?
• Who is obligated to pay, the child getting married or the parent?
• If the parent doesn't like the shidduch, do they still have to pay?
• Does the money have to come from the boy's side or the girl's?
• Can a shadchan exaggerate or lie?
• Is there lashon hara in shidduchim?
• Can one say information about a shidduch that they heard from others?
• Is one obligated to tell if a shidduch has a medical condition that is kept in check by medication, such as ADD?
• At what point in dating should negative information about a shidduch be released to the other side?
• Can parents lie about support if the boy wants to study Torah?

Monetary Errors in Business

• If a monetary error occurs in business, is one obligated to pay it back?
• Does it matter if the owner is a Jew or non-Jew?
• What if it is a corporation with stocks partially owned by Jews?
• What if an error will cost the company more money to fix?
• What if the person who made the error will lose their job?

Non-Kosher Food

• Can one sponser a non-kosher holiday party for employees?
• Can one buy a non-kosher food basket?
• Is a Jew allowed to give non-kosher food to non-Jews?
• Is a Jew allowed to give non-kosher wine to a non-Jew as a gift?
• Can an employer supply non-kosher food to employees that are not keeping kosher?
• What if the employer provides some kosher food in addition to the non-kosher?

Warming Drawers

• Can you put cold food in a warming drawer on Shabbat?
• Does it matter if the food is wet or dry?
• Can one use a warming drawer for meat and milk at different times?
• Is double-wrapping an option?
• Is it okay to warm congealed liquids?
• What is the issue with warming drawers?
• Are knobs a problem?
• What is the difference between a blech and a plateh?
• Can one warm up food on any hot surface on Shabbat?

Shabbat Lamps

• Are there any restrictions using a "kosher lamp" on Shabbat?
• Is an LED considered a lamp?
• Can one move a lamp in order to sweep?

Gifts to Teenagers

• Can a parent keep money given to a child as a gift?
• Can a parent keep money given to a child for a bat or bar mitzvah?
• Can a parent use the money to pay for the bat or bar mitzvah?
• What about books or other non-monetary gifts?


• Should a a two-year-old be making brachot?
• If someone says a bracha incorrectly, should one respond "Amen" for chinuch?
• What about foods that are a suffeik as to what bracha to make- how do we explain the issues to children or adults who are growing spiritually?
• What bracha do we say on mixtures such as raisin bran or chocolate-covered nuts?
• What's the difference between a grape and a raisin concerning the bracha acharona?

Yom Tov Clothing for a Wife

• Can a husband fulfill the mitzvah by telling his wife "Buy what you want"?
• How can one fulfill this mitzvah?
• Is helping in the kitchen enough to fulfill the mitzvah?

Snack vs Meal

• Are "wraps" considered HaMotzi?
• Are croutans considered HaMotzi?
• What are the guidelines for eating pizza?
• Can one wash for bread in a bathroom or airplane lavatory?

Blessing Children

• Do you use one or two hands?

More Lectures and Videos to come!

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