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Mrs. Ronit Peskin

Mrs. Ronit Peskin

Women for the Wall: Striving for Peace mp3

Description: Ronit Peskin, founder of the peace-seeking group "Women for the Wall", discusses the issues of the controversial and provacative anti-religious group "Women of the Wall", which is known for its offensive behavior at the Kotel [the Western Wall], Judaism's holiest site. This lecture is a fascinating look into Israeli politics, and how Women of the Wall strives to destroy the religious life of both Traditional and Orthodox Jewry by getting involved in governmental affairs. It changes its agenda according to who their target audience is at the time. Armed with the media, they use outrageous tactics to incite others to anger and then capture on video how they are supposedly the ones being "attacked" or "oppressed", even sometimes breaking the law in the process!
Mrs. Peskin describes her investigation of this group, and how it is
directly connected with IRAC, another non-religious organization that wants to have a say in Israeli law.

This is a "must listen" for anyone seeking the truth about what Women of the Wall is really all about: Depriving Jews of their freedom-of-religion under the guise of "equality for women", and seeking to tell others how they should be living. Their many lies and half-truths are covered eagerly by the media. Meanwhile, their opposition Women for the Wall seeks to deal with this affront in dignity and peace, as religious Jews are taught to do.

Date: 1-15-2014

Length: 1 hour 8 min.

Size: 11.7 MB

More Lectures and Videos to come!

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