Lectures on Kabalah
[the Mystical Tradition]

Rabbi Yitzchok Preis

Rabbi Yitzchok Preis

Alef: Mystical Secrets mp3

Description: Hebrew- a Taste of the Divine. A fascinating glimpse into the unique, mystical nature of the Hebrew letter Alef and what it teaches us- about us!

Date: 3-25-12

Size: 4.5 MB

Length: 26 min

Rabbi Yaakov Robinson

Rabbi Yaakov Robinson

Does Kabalah Influence Halacha? mp3
Kabalah Lecture Handout pdf

Description: Explore how mystical views have effected Jewish Law. For instance; When there is a dispute between a kabalistic view and a halachic view, which do we follow?

Date: 1-1-13

Size: 20.5 MB

Length: 1 hour

More Lectures and Videos to come!

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