Lectures on
Special Seasons in Judaism

Rabbi Jacob Lustig

Rabbi Jacob Lustig

Questions & Answers on Elul Part 1 mp3

"Ask the Rabbi Series Part 1"

Questions Include:
• What does Elul mean?
• Why do the Hebrew months have pagan names?
• Why don't Yeshivas learn on Dec. 25th?
• Is the word "Elul" an acronym?
• Why don't some Othodox Jews greet people in Shul?
• Should one talk Torah while driving? What do the different simanim [signs] of Rosh Hashanah mean?
• How did they develop?
• Cabbage, fish, carrots, and pomegranate.
• Leeks- why not eat onions?
• Why don't we eat nuts?
• How do we prepare for Elul?
• Why do we say an extra Psalm during Elul?
• Who composed Yigdal?
• Who divided the Parshiyot [Torah portions]?
• How many years did it take to read the Torah in Babylonia?

Date: 9-5-11

Size: 15.9 MB

Length: 46 min

Rabbi Jacob Lustig

Rabbi Jacob Lustig

Questions & Answers on Elul Part 2 mp3

"Ask the Rabbi Series Part 2"

Questions Include:
• When do Sefardim and Ashkenazim say Selichot?
• How long are the prayers?
• How long is the fast of Gedalyah?
• When does the fast start?
• How many minutes before daylight can I eat?
• How early can Selichot be said?
• Did the Ebn Ezra or the Chafetz Chaim say Selichot?
• How many days Yom Tov [holiday] do the Parushim keep in Sefad?
• What three segments of Shacharit [morning prayer] have 15 words of praise? (Why 15?)
• Who initiated it and why?
• Do Ashkenazim have less?
• Why do Ashkenazim start Selichot at night?
• Why is there a difference in the time Selichot are said?
• How many times did Moshe tell us to eat the Manna?
• What is "Seudot Rav Chizkiah"?
• Why don't Ashkenazim say "Birkat HaKohanim" every day?
• Why do Ashkenazim start Selichot 4 days before Rosh Hashanah?
• What is so important about "Kol Nidre"?
• What should a man check before Rosh Hashanah?

Date: 9-12-11

Size: 16.5 MB

Length: 48 min

More Lectures and Videos to come!

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