Classes on Tanach:
Malachim Alef [1st Kings]

Shmuel Plotsker Esq.

Shmuel Plotsker, Esq.

Description: Shmuel Plotsker heads this mini-discussion on Artscroll's translation of the word"Nimaretzet", followed by a controversial question of how christian "scholars" understand the Hebrew translation of the Bible without the help of Jewish translation.

Topic: Translation of "Nimaretzet"

(f) root = "mem, reish, tzadi" from 1 Malachim 2:8, as discussed in Shabbat 105a.

Translation of "Nimaretzet" mp3

Date: Approx. 5-10-2011

Size: 6.35 MB

Length: 18 min

More Lectures and Videos to come!

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