Lectures on
Emet [Truth]

Relax with Some Coffee

Rebbetzin Debbie Greenblatt

Toward a Truthful Perspective:
An Examination of Our Decision-Making
Truth and Decisions Lecture Handout pdf
Hand-out page references are as follows:
pp. 161-163, 163-165, p. 170,
and pp. 176-177.

Description: A thought-provoking look into what truly motivates a person in the choices they make. A text-based class centering on the English translation of Rabbi Eliyahu Dessler's incredible work, "Strive for Truth".
One can literally be part of the class, as they push Pause to read the quoted selections in the handout (presented above) at their own pace. Press Play to resume the class and continue on with the answers.

Date: 5-26-2013

Length: 46 min.

Size: 21.2MB

More Lectures and Videos to come!

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