Mattan Torah:
Wedding A Nation

Lightning Strike Picture

The giving of the Torah portrayed as a love story:

Our souls were there, you need only remember... Clear away the fog of forgetfulness... Probe deeply into the recesses of your inner essence... That day... The great and awesome day on Har Sinai... Shabbat morning, the sixth of Sivan 2448. Our wedding.

The crisp cool desert air had lulled us to sleep that short summer night. We were all tucked away, clean, pure, readied, but still sound asleep. A piercing flash of lightning reunited our soul to our bodies which resonated with the boom of thunder. An eerie glow penetrated the thick dark clouds that burbled over the mountain. Moshe's voice echoed, "The Chatan [Groom] awaits the Kalla [Bride]: Come to the huppah [wedding canopy]!"

So great was His love for His bride, He had come early, while it was barely becoming light. As we approached, He came towards us suggesting total equality with Him. A procession of lightning and 22,000 spiritual beings dancing to and fro escorted the Shechinah [Divine Presence] from on high. Though the ground quaked at our feet, it was we who trembled with fear as we drew nearer. That still thin sound of the shofar [horn] grew ever more intense: Louder and louder, closer and closer, blasting away.

Then suddenly the base of the mountain opened up, like a giant mouth it rose over us. The damp shadow lulled over our hearts ominously threatening to smother us under billions of pounds of solid rock. "Will you also accept the hidden depths of my Oral Precepts which will clarify the Written?" We, trembling, filled with an innate trust, lovingly replied, "Yes!" The Mountain returned, smoking like a fiery furnace into the expanse of the universe; the unfathomable parameters of eternity.

The heavens bent down as the Throne of Glory was placed on Har Sinai. It was a meeting of limited and limitless, a fusing of the known and unknown- had we stretched out our hands we could have touched; had our desire caused us to embrace, we would have been consumed. Thus we heeded the warning and stayed at the foot of the mountain while Moshe, the officiator, went up to prompt the Chatan. Although we stood apart from one another, it was as though we were united, bonded by the spiritual connection of the soul: Though the existence of our soul was fragmented over time and space, stored in multitudes of "bodily vessels", we were together; One. Only together are we ready to pursue eternity.

Moshe came down, and the universe stood still. Birds did not fly, the ocean was smooth as a mirror; not so much as a beast put forth a grunt, and the angels discontinued their songs. Utter silence was penetrated by His words which you could see: The Fire went out like a physical manifestation of audial essence. It went forth with such force that it caused far-off mountains to quake, and stripped entire forests bare.

Too Much at Once...

All ten declarations came out as one: 600,000 letters together in a fiery dance. The 613 mitzvot [laws] of the Torah as well as the 7 rabbinical decrees... The whole understanding of the entire Torah, its Oral insights, its elucidation and total depth... The words of the Prophets, the Writings, the Mishnah, the Talmud... Commentary upon commentary... Endless volumes of the essence and soul of the Creator of the Universe. You simply could not bear it: Your soul yearned so much to be with its Source- your physical incarnation seemed so disgusting- that you simply left it behind like a soiled garment. Your inner essence united with its origin and dissolved within His being. The entire universe almost ceased to exist until His gentle dew revived you. He fragranced the air because you were weak from shock, and you returned to your individuality. Afraid, you fled 9 miles away until He sent forth His angels to escort you back.

The nations could not perceive what was happening and summoned their leader Bilam, asking, "Is this the end?" "No", he replied, "the world trembles because the King is giving an eternal contract to his chosen bride."

Then the Chatan spoke again, each commandment separately. The fiery substance traveled around everyone, personally asking each individual body part if it will except every nuance and detail associated with the precept, with all its complexity, and all its details. Every part gracefully acquiesced, whereby each part of every Jew accepted upon itself the totality of the Torah and agreed to live by its life-giving directions. With the permission granted, the fiery words then engraved themselves on the Luchot [Tablets] which had been prepared since twilight of the erev [eve of] Shabbat of creation.

The Luchot were an awesome sight. Two sapphire tablets: Some say it had the appearance of black and white fire on blue fire. You could see through it to the other side and the insides of the letters Mem and Samech were suspended in mid-air. It was truly out of this world! Impressed, you felt a personal obligation to keep His Torah, and the both of you glistened like stars among the dark clouds.

The Chatan knew that you could not survive the full impact of His essence. He then held it back to the degree with which you, in each of your parts, could perceive it and experience the Divine in accordance to its fullest capacity. Alas, you grew weak again from the intensity of the words, and could not endure your filthy chamber. Frustrated, you once again slipped the slithery bonds of physicality and spread forth your soul; returning to your Source once again. Hopelessly lost in the vast simpleness of His Oneness, He had to once again restore your soul to you with the dew that will resurrect the dead in the future. Disgusted, you requested that Moshe transmit the Torah.

Consiquently, He instructed Moshe to come up on the mountain, and Joshua went along to his limit and waited. Quivering, Moshe went to the top and was covered with a cloud for six days to purify his body. He was then able to perceive clearly the spiritual dimension, and was taught the entirety of Torah directly from the Chatan for 40 days. Though Moshe had understood completely all that he learned, his mind went completely blank. This is because it takes 40 days to transform a physical being into a spiritual one. Just like the embryo gets a soul on the 40th day after conception, so too Moshe was granted the ability to retain all he learned after the 40th day. Conversely, a child is taught the entirety of the Torah while in the mother's womb, and is made to forget it at birth, so that a person merely needs to re-learn those intricate details that are too complex for an ephemeral creature to fathom. Our lifetime is an opportunity to return to the heights of eternity. The Torah is the gift which allows one to re-achive their lofty position.

A great sin had occurred in the camp. Don't think for one moment that it was your fault, for indeed you had reached an incredibly elevated status to have merited the miracles which you had just experienced 40 days prior.

The Perpetrator...

For it was not you who sinned, but your rival, the Eruv Rav [Mixed Multitude of Sinners], whom Moshe had accepted in the lowness of Mitzrayim [Egypt]. She, not you, caused your pain and suffering, and disrupted the honeymoon with your Chatan. She had aroused the forces of the sitra achrah [other side] and allowed an intermediary to come between you and your provider. When Moshe came down to earth, and saw for himself that the matter which he had been told was true, he smashed the Luchot in order to protect your honor, that you may remain the eternal Kalla.

The tablets were broken on the 17th of Tammuz, the next day Moshe burned the calf and judged the sinners. On the 19th he ascended the mountain to beseech mercy from the Chatan for 40 days...

The Plea...

Oh Holy Chatan, Who is up upright and integral in all His ways, Who sees unseen mysteries of the heart, Who is pure in thought, Whom is concerned for the welfare of His chosen bride: Why must the honeymoon be pushed off? He has found no blemish in the bride; only pleasantness, purity, and perfection. The Chatan is incapable of loving another, He is ever mindful of his eternal bride. It is I, Moshe, the servant of the Chatan that has sinned; for my heart went after compassion for the Mixed Multitude, the wicked ones in which I forced the Chatan to bestow His great support. The wayward have placed their hope in a physical being, smearing the reputation of His innocent bride. Please remove the wickedness from amongst your sweetheart, that the Chatan may be free to be with His beloved Kalla.

Though He may choose to distance Himself from His bride until the time is appropriate, He ever looks forward to that great day: When He shall come to His bride under the heavens, and they will be joined together, inseparable, for all eternity.

The Answer...

On the 1st of Ellul, Moshe was called to go back up to receive the 2nd set of luchot. Moshe hewed out the bare slabs from a quarry that was under his tent. He was able to keep the sapphire scraps as a recompense for not having time to get spoils from Mitzrayim due to his searching for Yosef's coffin. The Torah was re-taught to Moshe on a simpler level of understanding for this second set of 40 days. The 2nd luchot were inscribed by the Chatan on the 10th of Tishrei, Yom Kippur, and Moshe presented them to His ever-faithful Kalla. This is our current ketubah [marriage contract]; the Torah.

When we study the Torah, we proclaim our marriage to the Chatan. When we perform the instructions in the Torah, we show our love for the Chatan to the whole world, like wearing a wedding band and a glistening engagement ring. We were the ones that got involved in a scandal, it was only proper for the Chatan to separate from us. Fate came between us, but we remain faithful to our True Love, ever clinging to our ketubah.

Hope for the Bride...

Please, Oh beautiful Kalla, let not your heart be seduced by another. Wait, I implore you, for He delays only a moment. Continue, Oh inquisitive one, to grow and strengthen yourself in spirituality. Remain steadfast, I beg of you, that you may be ready for the Chatan on the day of redemption. I beseech thee, Oh lovely pure one, remain loyal to the One Who loves you from the very beginning; and to forever.

He shall cleave unto you, and you shall bear fruit in righteousness, in His Holy Palace, the inner chambers of the universe; and living waters shall pour forth to nourish and heal all that is lacking. You shall be eternally happy: Forever complete.

By DH, CEO Jewlight Inc.

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